Your Monday morning treat. Here’s video evidence of a wardrobe malfunction during last week’s Muddling Through – music hall & singalong with David Eagle and myself. This mishap occurred during The Man on The Flying Trapeze and I had to be aided by Graeme Knights. Must admit, it’s the first time I’ve had anything pulled off on stage by a burly shantyman. Happy Birthday Graeme. PS the attending mob had not been deterred by warnings from Nancy Elliott, Paul Sartin, Michael Hughes, Sean Cooney and others (see below). Thanks Paul Davies for evidence.

Never mind the critics, these are our friends’ warnings about Muddling Through:

“Dear God, tell me this isn’t happening” Michael Hughes.

“Every so often, an act comes along which enthrals audiences and changes the face of music. This is not such an act.” Nancy Kerr.

“Check your diary. Be anywhere but there.” Paul Sartin.