Music Hall & Singalong

Well, it makes a change from singing about migration and transportation. I’ve carved a silly and sometime saucy niche in performing songs from variety and the music hall. I do this because it’s fun. There’s lots of singalong, plenty of bad jokes, some smut, some silliness, some melancholy, and a lot more singalong.

That’s the formula. Sometimes I perform solo, sometimes with concertina maestro Michael Hebbert, or the mighty Dan Quinn as The Bashful Boys. And sometimes with David Eagle of The Young’uns in a show we call Muddling Through.

Have a listen to highlights of my show at Sharps Folk Club with the great Jan North.

I also perform to lively crowds of maturer citizens at day centres and care homes. Here you can see John & June dance while I strum at a North London Cares tea party in Kentish Town.

And here I am in Colchester, at one of the Memory Afternoons organised by the wonderful Warm and Toasty Club.

Top two photos on this page by Andre Kimche.