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I’m performing with THE TRANSPORTS, a words-and-music show based on Peter Bellamy’s famous set of folk ballads. It’s a delight to perform alongside folk luminaries such as The Young’uns, Faustus, Nancy Kerr, Rachael McShane and Greg Russell.

In January, we enjoyed full houses and standing ovations nationwide. The Guardian gave us Five Stars and you can hear me talking about the show on BBC R4 Front Row. We’ve recorded the show for broadcast as a Radio 3 Evening Concert. Our album comes out in January to link with another national tour - tickets now on sale.

I wrote narration to tell the tale that links Bellamy’s songs, which in turn were arranged by Paul Sartin. This true story is set in the 1780s, when a poor couple from Norfolk were exiled to Australia for crimes so petty the motive was clearly to provide cheap labour for the empire. I add local stories for each town we play, contrasting locals exiled in past centuries with people who have arrived from abroad in recent years. These form part of the Parallel Lives project, by which we arrange for local refugee or migrant support groups to attend each performance.

You can read much more about the show and Parallel Lives at The Transports website. Here are some photos from our tour in Jan/Feb 2017:

Guardian Mike Pinder.jpg The Transports The Met 28.1.17 23 ELR.jpg

Photo Mike Pinder  

This and further photos by Mike Ainscoe

The Transports The Met 28.1.17 49 ELR.jpg The Transports The Met 28.1.17 40 ELR.jpg The Transports The Met 28.1.17 48 ELR.jpg