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I’ve joined forces with David Eagle of The Young’uns to perform a very silly show called MUDDLING THROUGH. It’s an antidote to the seriousness of Human Cargo and The Transports. Here’s the poster for a recent gig.


I can arrive with my banjolele and inflict singalong, music hall, jokes and stories as you require. Sometimes people like to dance:


Sean Cooney and I have turned The Transports into a one-hour workshop for primary schools. Suitable for all Key Stage Two - years 3, 4, 5 and 6 - we use games, songs, acting and storytelling, to take children on a journey from rural England to Australia in the 1780s.

I’m also available for solo storytelling work in schools.

North London Cares 030517.jpg The Transports Ford Trinity School 1 low res.jpg

Sean and I at  Trinity C.E. Primary School in Ford, Shropshire.

John & June dance while I strum at a North London Cares tea party in Kentish Town.


I’m working with the fine pianist Olga Jegunova on an interesting new form of storytelling for adults and children. I tell traditional stories (well, my version of them) while Olga improvises around some great classical themes. We’ve developed a fantastic version of The Flaming Firebird and we’re now working on some other stories. I’ll have more info soon, but do get in touch if you’re interested.

I also perform music hall with the concertina genius Michael Hebbert. And I also venture out alone. Here are highlights from my solo Xmas 2016 show at Sharps Folk Club: