Muddling Through

How bad can it be? This bad.

According to the critics, this is ‘riotous … inspired lunacy … unpredictable and hilarious.’ (FATEA). ‘A show packed with humour, satire and, oh yes, smut, lots of smut.’ (FolkRadio).

Others disagree. BBC Folk Singer of the Year Nancy Kerr says, ‘Every so often, an act comes along which enthrals audiences and changes the face of music. This is not such an act.’ Multi-talented musician Paul Sartin added, ‘Check your diary. Be anywhere but this show.’

The truth lies in between. Though there’s little truth, and many lies, in the ‘entertainment’ that bills itself MUDDLING THROUGH. This new double act unites singer and comedian DAVID EAGLE from famed trio The Young’uns with storyteller and music hall singer MATTHEW CRAMPTON.

The result is a desperate parade of bad jokes, singalong and banter. Classics from the music hall are crucified beside topical jests and strange parodies.

David and Matthew last toured in the very successful, and rather serious, show The Transports. Now, with Muddling Through, you can watch two talented fellows in career-ending form.