Storytelling and Education

Matthew and Sean Cooney introducing Shropshire children to the story of The Transports.

I have started storytelling in schools and producing educational resource packs to support projects like Parallel Lives, The Transports and Human Cargo. Do get in contact if you would like any more information.

I tell tales in other places too. Migration stories for Parallel Lives, historical tales for Human Cargo and The Transports, and monologues from the music hall.

I’m also working with the fine pianist Olga Jegunova on an interesting new form of storytelling for adults and children. I tell traditional stories (well, my version of them) while Olga improvises around classical themes. We’ve developed a fantastic version of The Flaming Firebird and we’re now working on some other stories. I’ll have more info soon, but do get in touch if you’re interested.

Looking further ahead, I am developing a spoken word project which will be really, really scary.