Living By The Sea

A vocal voyage through communities afloat and ashore

Premiered at Sidmouth FolkWeek 2018. This August, it returns to Sidmouth Folkweek and comes to Whitby Folkweek.

Backed by their own community on stage – a passionate choir of local folk and festival goers – storyteller Matthew Crampton and choir director Paul Sartin take us on a trip amidst those whose lives are governed by the sea. This re-unites the creative pair behind the current adaptation of The Transports, together with two other musicians from that remarkable production, Benji Kirkpatrick and Saul Rose. Like the Radio Ballads, Living by the Sea is a feast of word and song, diving between ports and ships across Britain and the world. Expect intimate tales, stark ballads and heart-pounding shanties – all revealing the fierce hold the sea keeps upon those who live by it.

Listen to a short audio snapshot from the show.